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Fair Use Question of the Month: Covering Exhibits of Copyrighted Works

Photo by Vivanista1/FlickrDear CMSI, 

I want to write a blog post about a local art exhibit that’s opening in my town next week. I’m hoping to take pictures at the opening, but I’m sure I’ll end up with copyrighted works from the exhibit in the backgrounds of my photos. Do I have to get the gallerist’s permission for that artwork?

Melina

Fair Use Question of the Month: Placing Copyrighted Material On Display in a Public Exhibition


In this month's fair use question a librarian looks for insight on displaying a library's archive of movie posters  in a public exhibition. 

Why are Bots Overriding Our Fair Use Rights?

It's happened again: Bogus claims of copyright infringement brought down perfectly legitimate content--this time while a lot of people were watching. Read more...

Fair Use Question of the Month: Limits on Quoting?

In this month's fair use question a PhD candidate is given a chance to publish, but is concerned his use of quotes might invite a lawsuit.


Dear CSM,

I’m a PhD candidate in film theory.  My paper on the depiction of mental health in Hollywood has been accepted by a journal. But I quote at length from dialogue in several films.Read more...

Refrigerator Mothers - Fair Use Clips

For examples of choices made FOR the application of fair use by an independent filmmaker, consider the decisions made by Kartemquin Films when making Refrigerator Mothers. The film is available in its entirety from Fanlight Productions . In this group of clips, the filmmakers employed fair use. Read more...