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Sparking Social Impact at Full Frame Documentary Festival

2014 Full FrameFull Frame Documentary Film Festival earned its reputation as the “filmmakers’ festival” in part by becoming a showcase for powerfully intimate stories, most often about people. “Character-driven” can be a redundant quality when it comes to most modern documentaries, but Full Frame distinguishes both its films and its own character as “bold, personal and very brave.” This was how programming director Sadie Tillery introduced Darius Clark Monroe’s "Evolution of a Criminal," which went on to win both the Reva and David Logan Grand Jury and the Center for Documentary Studies Filmmaker Awards.


AIM and Shoot Discussion Focuses on Impact and Measurement

AIM and ShootIn March, the Center's creative director Caty Borum Chattoo traveled to Los Angeles to speak at Media Impact Focus: AIM and Shoot, the latest in a series of discussions on cutting-edge media impact analysis methods.


Fair Use Question of the Month: Facebook Pictures in News Reports

Dear CMSI,

I’m a reporter for a local TV news program. Recently a high school student in my town went missing and we couldn’t decide if it would be OK to use some of her Facebook pictures in announcing the news. I hope this is the last time this happens, but it won’t be the last time we turn to FB or Instagram or Pinterest to get an idea of who someone is. Can you settle this newsroom argument?


SXSW: Unbranded and Branded Content, Documentarians, and Journalists

Beginning with the EndBranded content, from advertising to sponsored work, has long used the skills of filmmakers and (often ex-) journalists. At SXSW 2014, unbranded content--sponsored but without an obvious pitch for product or even necessarily a direct link to the sponsor--was in full flourish, with companies recruiting for talent.  The biggest question for recruits may be ethics.