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Fair Use Question of the Month: Capturing Copyrighted Material in the Background

Dear CMSI,

I work as a documentary filmmaker and for my next shoot, we are filming a lot of scenes in a mall and inside a school. I am worried about all the copyrighted content that might be incidentally shown in the background. Read more...

Librarians and Fair Use: Take the Big Picture

The Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Academic and Research LibrariesCan a library put a professor’s reading list of book chapters and other excerpts from academic monographs on e-reserve for students in the class, without permission from the copyright holder?

That’s been in dispute since 2008, when publishers sued Georgia State University for doing just that. A District Court judge ruled that almost all of the scores of uses were fair, but also set an arbitrary standard of 10% for allowable quoting from academic monographs.

And the publishers appealed. Now an appeals court has reviewed the ruling, and sent it back for corrections. Read more...

Gender Equality in Hollywood: Where Are We Now?

At this point it’s fairly well known that women are routinely underrepresented – and misrepresented – in major motion pictures. But we’d like to believe that in this modern era of equality, things are finally changing for the better. Not so, says the USC Annenberg Media, Diversity, & Social Change Initiative’s latest report. Read more...

Assessing the Changing Business Model of Local News

PNapoliProfessor Philip Napoli tackled the question of media impact assessment on a recent podcast of the MIT Comparative Media Studies/Writing Center. Napoli, who teaches journalism and media studies at Rutgers, published “Measuring Media Impact” for the Norman Lear Center in October of last year.Read more...

Dot Connector Studio: A Focus on Impact

Dot ConnectorNot too long ago, media impact expert Jessica Clark was leading the Future of Public Media project here at the Center for Media & Social Impact. After that, she helped develop and launch the innovative multimedia production Localore as AIR’s media strategist.

Now she’d like you to meet her next project: Dot Connector Studio, a multiplatform media strategy and production firm that helps creators produce innovative experiences, conduct field research, and design for impact. Read more...