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Announcing the release of the Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Online Video

Remixes, mashups, fan tributes and other creative work burgeoning in online video often use copyrighted material without permission or payment. When is it fair to do so? In many cases, creators can employ Fair Use, a key feature of copyright law. Today marks the release of the Center's newest publication, the Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Online Video. Read more...

Relive Beyond Broadcast with our Multimedia Rapporteur's Report

Couldn't make it to DC on June 17? Not to worry: the Beyond Broadcast '08 Rapporteur's Report offers the high points from the day, plus audio and video of both speakers and multimedia presentations. Don't miss it!



Dear CSM:

Public engagement and documentary at Silverdocs

Every year, there’s more to learn than you can absorb at Silverdocs, between the conference, which is organized by Diana Ingraham of US Independents, and the superb curating, by Sky Sitney. One of my conference faves was the workshop that Dennis Palmieri from Independent Television Service (ITVS) ran about outreach strategies. He linked goals (start a conversation, see action, change the world) with strategies, tactics and types of partners. If you didn’t make it, his Powerpoint is here.Read more...

Public TV's Future at Silverdocs

Will public TV survive into an era when everyone is a digital native? That was the question of the day at a panel I chaired at the conference the Silverdocs film festival (aka SILVERDOCS AFI/Discovery Channel Documentary Festival) hosts every year. Answer? Probably, with some work.Read more...