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Keeping the conversation going on Making Your Media Matter

Our fifth annual Making Your Media Matter came to a close on Friday evening, and I was excited to see the buzz in the room about the topic of our last panel -- does making a beautiful film about a "difficult" issue compromise your subject? Has democratized technology made it so that craftsmanship is no longer valued? Does a film with gorgeous cinematography not feel as "real" as one filmed on a camera phone? Everyone had an interesting perspective, and the dialogue between panelists and audience was so active that we are very inspired to keeping it going.Read more...

Resources for measuring media impact

At today's Making Your Media Matter meeting I'll be hosting a birds-of-a-feather lunch on ways to measure mission-driven media impact.I've been collecting resources on this topic at the CSM's del.icio.us site, and am looking for your recommendations. If you can't join us for lunch today, join the conversation online at our Making Your Media Matter social network. Read more...

Tune in for Live Coverage of Making Your Media Matter

Making Your Media Matter 2009 starts tonight, and will continue all day tomorrow. I'll be covering portions of it live on Twitter; watch this space for breaking blog summaries.

Woody Wickham’s Legacies

It’s taken a little time to fathom that Woody Wickham is really gone. Woody, who was a funder and mentor of many media arts efforts over the last 25 years, had a resurgence of a gall bladder cancer and passed away with dignity in Chicago last month. He was 66 years old. His legacies are everywhere in the world of public media. This year’s Making Your Media Matter conference at the Center for Social Media is dedicated to him.Read more...

WeMedia podcast interview with Jessica Clark

WeMedia is producing a regular podcast that features in-depth interviews with prominent media, technology, and social change figures, as well as distinguished experts on current affairs and news.

Listen to Future of Public Media director Jessica Clark on the recent WeMedia's podcast where she addresses and discusses issues surrounding public media 2.0.Read more...