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MTM 2012

This year's theme, "Change for Good," features conversations about how independent social change filmmakers can execute integrated campaigns that are strategic, action-oriented, and have enduring impact.

***Registration is currently closed. LIMITED registration will be available on-site. Please contact Angelica at das [at] american.edu with questions.


Pull Focus: Peter Richardson

Peter Richardson with camera

A rising star in documentary filmmaking, Peter Richardson has made a name for himself with two feature documentaries that both premiered at Sundance and have won him multiple awards, including Sundance's esteemed Grand Jury Prize.  An Oregon-native himself, Richardson is know for his penetrating and introspective treatment of Oregon-based social issues. His latest film, "How to Die in Oregon," explores the emotionally charged issue of physician-assisted-suicide which was legalized in Oregon in 1994 and remains one of the most controversial laws in that state today. Through the incredibly intimate stories of the terminally ill in Oregon, Richardson captures the spectrum of emotions behind that decision to end one's own life, while simultaneously showcasing the elegance and dignity of his subjects.  A producer, director, cinematographer and editor, Richardson has done it all, and during an interview for the 2011 Human Rights Film Series, he shares with us some of his experiences and insights. 


Kisses, Broken Cameras and Bananas: Human Rights, Corporate Ethics and more in IDFA Documentaries

Putin's Kiss At The International Documentary Film Festival in Amsterdam (IDFA), held at the end of November, documentaries from around the world probed social issues with compelling stories. Read more...

Camera as Catalyst: Matt Eich

Guest Post by Tara Kocourek

Photo by Kyoko TakenakaMatt Eich makes a point to photograph his subjects as if they are his own family. At the center of his personal mission, and the LUCEO Images’ mission, are relationships. Read more...

Designing for Impact - Case Studies (Continued): Out in the Silence

Out in the Silence Sometimes fear and hatred come from ignorance. When that occurs, the best way to eliminate hate is to foster understanding.

The film “Out in the Silence” started with an "unexpected" same-sex marriage announcement on the local newspaper of Oil City, PA. Letters and phonecalls from all over the town rushed in. A few people showed their support, but many expressed their resentment. Read more...