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Digital Futures: A Need-to-Know Policy Guide for Independent Filmmakers

Digital FuturesDigital technology is transforming filmmaking. And policymakers are scrambling to catch up with the changes. What policies are good for independent filmmakers? What are the hot issues, and what are the positions that best support the creativity and diversity that independent filmmakers represent? Digital Futures: A Need-to-Know Policy Guide for Independent Filmmakers answers those questions with to-the-point answers.


In the Battle for Reality: Social Documentaries in the U.S.

What difference can a documentary make? This fact-filled report, with many case studies of successful strategic use of social documentaries, answers that question. The report, written by Center director Pat Aufderheide, analyzes conditions of production and use in four contexts: television channels, alternative media, community media, and nonprofit sponsored production. It also discusses current teaching practices about social documentary, and analyzes key policy issues affecting production of social docs.


Go to: In the Battle for Reality (PDF)

TV Practicum: Documentary and Social Change, RTV 4467-02

This course explores the contemporary world of documentary video production with an overview of the history and major trends in documentary production. It combines critical viewing skills with practical instruction in documentary production.


Melissa Young and 'Not For Sale'

A lifelong social and environmental activist and filmmaker talks about struggling to make films that make broadcasters nervous. Melissa Young speaks to Jana Germano of the Center for Social Media from Seattle, Washington.


John de Graaf and "Affluenza"

John de Graaf, an activist filmmaker, talks about the importance of humor in attracting audiences to an anti-consumerist film.