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Audience Responds to Give Up Tomorrow - 2012 Human Rights Film Series

Hear the instant reactions of AU students, staff, and filmmaker Michael Collins to "Give Up Tomorrow," the very first showing of the 2012 Human Rights Film Series on Sept. 27.Read more...

The Saga from Katrina to Isaac: Stories from New Orleans

By Laine Kaplan-Levenson

Little did we know here at Land of Opportunity that mentioning Cowbird in a blog post a few weeks ago would lead to a beautiful storytelling collaboration. Our latest experience provides a great example of how exploring strategy with your audience can lead to new partnerships and opportunities.Read more...

Living, Breathing, Transmedia: Navigating the Non-linear

By Josh Freund

LOPTraditionally when making a documentary, filmmakers present a film that reflects only a sliver of their amassed content. We shoot and shoot and shoot some more, then edit and cut the vast majority of the content to fit the hour or 90-minute mold dictated by broadcast or theatrical release. You see one streamlined version of events: the one we’ve authored and edited, no more no less. However, this shoot, slash and sausage method is no longer the be all-end-all for documentary films. Read more...

Story, Vision, Tech - Executing Web-Native Cinema Projects

Story Vision Tech - The Cycle (image by Ben Moskowitz)

Image by Ben Moskowitz

Creating a project leveraging the web opens up uncountable opportunities for storytellers. Footage that was previously cut due to time constraints, or stories that didn't fit tightly enough within the narrative to be included, can now contribute to the narrative of an interactive project. As freeing as the many options a media maker has may seem, however, they can also be overwhelming.Read more...