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Human Rights Film Series

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About the Series


The Human Rights Film Series, first organized in 2000 and presented by the Center for Media & Social Impact and the Center for Human Rights & Humanitarian Law, showcases the power of film to educate and advocate about human rights. Four exceptional documentary films that exhibit excellence in filmmaking and explore a broad spectrum of human rights issues are screened each fall. Following each screening, there is an opportunity for the filmmaker and human rights advocates to discuss the film and its issues with the audience. The Centers also provide resource pages to provide a deeper understanding of the underlying human rights issues discussed in the films. The Human Rights Film Series is free and open to the public.

Previous Human Rights Film Series: 2013, 2012, 201120102009200820072006200520042003, 2002.


HRFS 2014

This year's Human Rights Film Series will open with "E-Team" and be held on Wednesday evenings, October 1 - 22, at 7pm

"E-Team" - Oct 1


Anna, Ole, Fred and Peter are four members of the Emergencies Team — or E-Team — the boots on the ground division of a respected, international human rights group. Arriving as soon as possible after allegations of human rights abuse surface, the E-Team uncovers crucial evidence to determine if further investigation is warranted and, if so, to investigate, document, and capture the world’s attention. They also immediately challenge the responsible decision makers, holding them accountable. Human rights abuses thrive on secrecy and silence, and the work of the E-Team, backed by their international human rights organization, has shone light in dark places and given voice to thousands whose stories would never otherwise have been told.


More film announcements and information coming soon!