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Copyright and Fair Use

Online Video Takedowns: What Happened to "Buffy vs. Edward"?

Jonathan McIntosh's Buffy vs. Edward

What can I do if my online video is challenged on YouTube?

Dear CSM:

My friend told me the guy behind Buffy v. Edward had his video pulled from YouTube based on a copyright dispute! I thought he was fair use protected. How can online video generators protect their own work?

Concerned

Fair Use in Media Literacy Education

To read the full Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Media Literacy, click here


Fair Use and Academics

Inside Higher Ed logoConversation is building in higher education about academic rights to fair use. In Inside Higher Ed, the leading online news source for U.S. higher education, I discussed prevalent "Myths about Fair Use". Read more...

DMCA Exemptions

Guest Post by Jan Boyles

It’s time to protect the hard-won fair use rights that artists, professors, librarians and online video makers won three years ago at the Copyright Office. The Library of Congress has issued a Notice of Inquiry calling for written comments by December 1. Read more...