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Copyright and Fair Use

Fair Use Question of the Month: Is Public Domain a Part of Fair Use?

In this month's fair use question an author explores fair use and public domain in his push to publish a book that uses several long quotes.

Civil War Photograph from the National ArchivesDear CSM,

I’m writing a book that examines the prose of notable American authors published before and directly after the Civil War.  I’d like to quote, in some
cases, several pages. I'm afraid that might exceed permitted quotes--I thought I understood that 400 words is the maximum. Can you help?

Best, Tom 

How Culture Can Inform Information Policy

Videography, Editing and Writing by Luke Taylor, Natalie Plumb, Bryan Bello and Kenneth Merrill

Visiting Scholar, Julie Cohen

Legal scholarship lacks a framework for cultural practices, and consequently actual user experiences, that should inform information policy. Just as copyright law is configured to encourage the creation of culture, scholar Julie Cohen argues that the regimes governing information access and use need to take into account how the role of culture shapes social practices online. Read more...

CCUMC Adopts Librarians’ Code, Retires Previous Fair Use Guidelines

The Consortium of College and University Media Centers (CCUMC) has endorsed the Association of Research Libraries’ Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Academic and Research Libraries.CCUMC members routinely help faculty and staff decide on how to stream video, make digital displays and exhibits, and build digital collections.Read more...

Fair Use Question of the Month: Found Materials and Copyright

Courtesy of the Marian Koshland Bioscience and Natural Resources Library, University of California, Berkeley: lib.berkeley.edu/BIOS/

In this month’s fair use question, a student librarian discovers an old photo album in his library’s special collection and wants to make it available online.

Dear Center for Social Media:

I work at my university's library. The other day, working on our special collection, I discovered an old photo album from the 1971 – 1972 county ensemble theatre's performance season. Read more...