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Audience Engagement; Impact; Social Documentary

Land of Opportunity is a Living Doc

Land of OpportunityFilmmakers like Luisa Dantas are paving the way for more people to understand and experiment with web-native documentary production. What does this really mean, and what can we learn from them so we don’t have to reinvent the wheel? Read more...

Processing our Process: Documentation and Reporting in the Age of Transmedia

By Andrea Olson
Designing for ImpactIn an age of online over-sharing (we know what what most of our “friends” are watching, listening to and “liking”), Land of Opportunity has been grappling with how to achieve a major goal on this innovative project: sharing lessons learned.  How do we  effectively convey our successes and failures for those setting out to explore the intersection of film, social justice and emerging media? Read more...

The Saga from Katrina to Isaac: Stories from New Orleans

By Laine Kaplan-Levenson

Little did we know here at Land of Opportunity that mentioning Cowbird in a blog post a few weeks ago would lead to a beautiful storytelling collaboration. Our latest experience provides a great example of how exploring strategy with your audience can lead to new partnerships and opportunities.Read more...

Living, Breathing, Transmedia: Navigating the Non-linear

By Josh Freund

LOPTraditionally when making a documentary, filmmakers present a film that reflects only a sliver of their amassed content. We shoot and shoot and shoot some more, then edit and cut the vast majority of the content to fit the hour or 90-minute mold dictated by broadcast or theatrical release. You see one streamlined version of events: the one we’ve authored and edited, no more no less. However, this shoot, slash and sausage method is no longer the be all-end-all for documentary films. Read more...

Don’t Push It: Integrating Interactivity with Intention… and Discretion

Co-Authored by Sofie Strasser & Laine Kaplan-Levenson

Producers Institute 2012It’s another week thinking about interactivity here at Land of Opportunity, especially after receiving the great news that we will be participating in the 2012 BAVC ‘Stories With Impact’ Producer’s Institute later this fall (#psyched!). As we continue to develop partnerships, design a community-focused user experience, and generally investigate the realms of transmedia storytelling, we can’t help but notice the growing backlash about being too ‘plugged in’ to the the 24/7 cyber reality that encompasses us these days. It seems the latest trend on the internet is to, well, get off the Internet… or at least resist the addictive siren call of constant connectivity for no real reason. Read more...