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Create for Pivot with Fair Use

I RECWhen Participant Productions launched Pivot (http://www.pivot.tv/), its partly-crowdsourced TV channel, it turned to the Center for Media and Social Impact to create its guide to good copyright behavior. CMSi, with the help of the Washington College of Law's Prof. Peter Jaszi, developed a pledge--which anyone can take (and share with students, friends and family, hint hint). Read more...

Fair Use Question of the Month: Background Music

Image by get directly down/FlickrDear CMSI, I work for a nonprofit organization that fights racial inequality in public education. I am creating a video about the organization to go in the "About" section on our website, and I want to use a popular song in the background. Would my video qualify as fair use? Read more...

Fair Use Question of the Month: Covering Exhibits of Copyrighted Works

Photo by Vivanista1/FlickrDear CMSI, 

I want to write a blog post about a local art exhibit that’s opening in my town next week. I’m hoping to take pictures at the opening, but I’m sure I’ll end up with copyrighted works from the exhibit in the backgrounds of my photos. Do I have to get the gallerist’s permission for that artwork?

Melina

Jonathan Harris on Interactive Art at IDFA

We Feel Fine

Jonathan Harris, an artist who abandoned painting for digital art (most famously, the website mapping emotions "We Feel Fine"), keynoted the Interactive Reality Conference at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam.

He shared a set of insights on what makes a good interface and project.  Read more...

Interactive Documentary Conference at IDFA

IDFAIn its second year, the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam's (IDFA) Interactive Reality Conference was packed with filmmakers, programmers and funders looking to grasp the emergent interactive documentary phenomenon. The speaker list was star-studded, culminating in keynoter Jonathan Harris. Not even the failure of wi-fi for the majority of participants could dampen the enthusiasm. Read more...