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Interactive Everywhere! Takeaways from Tribeca

TFI InteractiveAt the Tribeca Film Festival’s Storyscapes, Games for Change, and  Tribeca Interactive Day, mediamakers were deluged with insights about interactivity and storytelling.

Panelists echoed each other on key concepts, in what speakers widely agreed was a sometimes-painful but steady transition to distributed, collaborative, and often immersive storytelling. Read more...

LandofOpportunity Launches Interactive Video on BP Spill Fallout

Surviving the SpillLast week, in honor of Earth Day, LandofOpportunity together with Bridge The Gulf  launched their new interactive video “Surviving the Spill: BP Oil Disaster,” an exploration of the impact of the spill on Gulf Coast communities.

The video is only the latest in a series of interactive videos released by LandofOpportunity, an experimental web project that merges compelling multimedia storytelling with curated data, research, and calls to action. LandofOpportunity’s videos explore post-crisis community (re)building in America.  Read more...

FCC’s New Net Neutrality Rules: Bad for Media That Matters

InternetThe FCC’s proposed “net neutrality” rules, scheduled for public input on May 15, could make it harder for people who make media that matters to reach people who can use their work. 

Public-interest nonprofits including Free Press, Public Knowledge, Demand Progress, and Common Cause are calling foul play on the FCC’s decision to allow big content companies like Netflix to buy preferential treatment from Internet service providers. Specifically, the new policy would allow ISPs to charge for faster content delivery, as long as it’s “commercially reasonable.” Read more...

#SLSMetrics and #SLSActivism: Social Learning Summit at American University

Metrics and partnerships were mantras for people who want to use social media to make a difference at the Social Learning Summit held at American University.Read more...

Global Labor Film Festival Returns in May

Global Labor Film FestivalGuest Post by Chris Garlock, Director, DC Labor FilmFest

The second annual Global Labor Film Festival (GLFF) once again encircles the world with cinematic solidarity, touching down this year in Turkey, London, Vermont, New York, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., Rochester, N.Y., and Monterey and San Jose, C.A..

Labor film festivals will screen a labor-themed film of their choice during the month of May, chosen because May 1—International Workers' Day—is a national holiday in more than 80 countries and celebrated unofficially in many other countries. Read more...