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Low on Lindens? The sweatshop beckons...

Sundance brought us more than glitz and glamour in ’08. This year, New Frontiers on Main showcased the best of what’s new (and in fashion) for media for public knowledge and action.


Shifting It Around – ShiftSpace Challenges Content Ownership and Distribution

The internet promises an open information environment, but with control of much online content held by individual website owners, the true "democratization" of information is stymied. A new tool called ShiftSpace is looking to change this by allowing users to add original meta-layers, or "Shifts," on top of existing websites, helping to craft a fluid public space where users can contribute original content and commentary.


Top Viral Video of the Day?

According to the Viral Video Chart: Martin Luther King's "I have a dream speech."


Wu and Cotton mix it up over copyright protection in the digital age

There's a really interesting discussion happening on copyright protections in the new era of YouTube and peer to peer networks. The NY Times organized a debate between Rick Cotton, general counsel of NBC Universal, and Professor Tim Wu from Columbia Law School. You can find it here: bits.blogs.nytimes.com.

Open Source Visual History

For documentarians, the Library of Congress image collections have long served as a fertile source for public domain historical images. But finding the right photo has often meant either drilling down into online collections or wrestling with not-so-user-friendly archival databases. However, the library of record has just taken an interesting leap, announcing a joint project with photo-sharing site Flickr. As Matt Raymond writes on the LOC blog: Read more...