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Ford Foundation Public Media Grantees Driving Innovation in the New Year

With the start of the new year, the Ford Foundation’s Future of Public Media Initiative grantees, an alliance of leading nonprofits, continue with the work and initiatives that shape the face of public media for the future. Below are some of the projects that they have been working on:

Public Radio Capital is using PRC's newly capitalized Public Radio Fund for short-term financing of radio acquisitions and is managing confidential transactions to expand public radio services in several top media markets.


Online Video and Copyright in Vegas

By Pat Aufderheide, Center Director

Some thoughts on public media in the new year

Scrolling through a backlog of "best of 2007" posts in my Google Reader, I ran across this gem, recommended by blogger and freelance Web designer Jason Kottke.Read more...

The True Cost of DRM: What Can't We Do Now?

Few consumer electronic technologies have been more contentious than Digital Rights Management (DRM). With companies like Apple and AOL offering DRM-free music, will this protection become a thing of the past? And now that movies are becoming easier to download, how is DRM being applied? These issues and more were recently addressed by panel on Digital Rights Management at the annual Consumer Electronics Show.



Audio From Innovators Forum Now Available- Featuring Pegie Stark of The Poynter Institute

Dr. Pegie Stark, co-director of The Poynter Institute's Eyetrack 2007, recently gave a captivating speech as part of the Center's Innovator's Forum Series. She discussed the
institute's new findings from its landmark study in which more than 600 people from 18 to 60 years old were tested to see how they read the news both online and in print. The study included two tabloid newspapers, two broadsheet newspapers and two news Web sites in four U.S. Read more...