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Media That Matters

Media That Matters

ArtsEngine recently hosted its Seventh Annual Media That Matters Film Festival in New York City. Sixteen inspiring new short films were selected for this year's event. The Center for Social Media was THRILLED to present this year's Fair Use award to The Apollos by young filmmakers Nick Parker and Jazmin Jones. Read more...

New Tools for Independents and Public Broadcasters!

On June 12, the Center for Social Media will release its most recent tool for independent producers and public broadcasters struggling to master the realm of online distribution! The New Deal Version 1.5: Monetizing and Mission is the Center's annual report on the nuts and bolts of digital distribution deal-making. Curious about who's making these deals? Average percentages for independent filmmakers? Average license periods? Read more...

On community, on technology, onBeing

onBeing is a compilation of simply-shot short documentaries that demonstrates the effectiveness of video and online delivery platforms in forming real-life communities. Producer Jennifer Crandall calls onBeing "a project based on the simple notion that we should all get to know each other a little better." There’s a new video every Wednesday, and some excellent archives if you're visiting for the first time. Read more...

More from MIT5: Copyright, Fair Use and the Cultural Commons

Center director Pat Aufderheide recently participated in a fantastic conference in Cambrige, MA. MIT5: Creativity, Ownership and Collaboration in a Digital Age, held at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, explored Media in Transition. Check out the MIT5 conference page, which gives full details of the panel discussion that Pat participated in.Read more...

Public Media Strategies in Entertainment Education- Doe Mayer Podcast

A public lecture with veteran documentarian and author Doe Mayer, USC School of Cinema-Television. Doe Mayer, a CSM Visiting Filmmaker, has worked in Asia, Africa and Latin America to make media that changes lives. Here is a podcast of the lecture she gave to a full class of students at American University: