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The Rise and Fall of the Public Service Publisher


Major Victory for Fair Use!

In a recent ruling, judge Sidney Stein stated that the filmmakers of Expelled, a film supporting intelligent design, were likely to win a Fair Use claim if Yoko Ono persued her suit against them. The filmmakers used a 15 second clip of John Lennon's song "Imagine" to make a statement on religion in our culture--read the Wall Street Journal's Law Blog entry on the subject: http://blogs.wsj.com/law/2008/06/02/yoko-onos-injunction-request-denied-...

Fair Use Question on Using Clips in Public Radio


Dear CSM, I'm a reporter for public radio. Is it "Fair Use" to use a short clip from a TV show or film in order to make a point in a given story, even if I'm not commenting directly on the clip? If so, what is the maximum amount of material I am allowed to use of a given TV show or film. My understand is that if 10% or less of the story is devoted to that material, it's "Fair Use." Is that true?



CSM at ICA: Remapping Public Media Research

Each week (or so) for the past few months, I've been posting media maps in anticipation of the June 17 Beyond Broadcast conference. These maps have explored influential web sites, international censorship, media consolidation, online impact, new journalistic forms and more. Read more...

Public Media in Brazil: Taxpayer Incentives Work

At the International Communication Association meeting in Montreal in May, Brazilian communications scholar and activist Luiz Fernando Santoro talked about the challenges of expanding public media in Brazil. Read more...