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A Tale of the Twin Cities

MinnPost is a new online news project that provides professional-quality journalism focused specifically on the Minneapolis area. Launched just a week ago, the project differs from the broader, more general reporting of larger newspapers by providing its readership with important stories from its own community, as well as original reporting on national and global news. The site is representative of an upsurge in digital media projects tied to a particular community or region.

The Audience as Shareholder

By Pat Aufderheide

Washington Post Foreign Editor Keith Richburg on International Journalism in a Digital Age

On November 12, the Center for Social Media welcomed Washington Post Foreign Editor Keith Richburg, the last of the four speakers of the "Foreign Correspondence and the Future of Public Media," to discuss the evolving role of international correspondents in the digital age.

One Laptop per Child: a Tool for Truly Public Media

Between now and November 26, the One Laptop per Child project will send one of their portable computers to a child in a developing country for each one purchased in the U.S. and Canada. This is the first time that the lime green laptops—which come with a bonus year of T-Mobile HotSpot access for those of us living in the world of Borders and Starbucks—are available to the general public.Read more...

Right wing politicians claim Fair Use in political campaigns

Right wing bloggers and MoveOn recently joined forces to protest Fox News Channel after the network sent cease and desist letters to Republican presidential candidate John McCain. These cease and desist letters came after Mr. McCain used footage from a Fox News clip in one of his campaign advertisements. The advertisement uses 19 seconds of a 90 minute debate. Mr. McCain’s lawyers claim he is within the rights of Fair Use.

Learn more about it here.