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Congratulations to VISIONS winners!

American University's School of Communications announced the winners of the VISIONS festival on Friday, and I was pleased to present a Center for Social Media award to Michael Hyde, Christina Miesel, Jen Collins, Mariana Pereira and Nick Shupper's film Housecalls. The film takes an intimate look at the under served elderly community of southeast D.C. and one dedicated physician who comes to their homes for treatment. This film demonstrated the importance of addressing social issues through character development and nuance, and we commend this team for their great work.Read more...

Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Dance Collections

You’re running an archive featuring dance and would love to exhibit some of the work in your collection that shows the evolution of a dance trend. Do you need to get permission from copyright holders or can you employ Fair Use?

You’re also announcing the exhibit on your website, and would like to run a few clips from some of the most famous material. Can you do that without copyright holder permission?Read more...

QUESTION OF THE MONTH: Students Using Copyrighted Music in School Projects


Dear CSM:

I’m a high school teacher with a question about Fair Use for media literacy education. Can students use entire songs from popular artists in video or Power Point presentations if those videos or Power Point presentations are for a class project that will not be distributed outside of the school/classroom?

Thanks for your help,


ANSWER

Converged public media demands converged funding solutions

Over the weekend, CSM Director Pat Aufderheide and I spoke at the Media in Transition conference, organized by Henry Jenkins. Jenkins is the leading researcher of media convergence, and the conference was rife with examples of how projects and practices are migrating across multiple platforms, fusing with user-generated content and confounding archivists in the process.Read more...

Spreadable Media, Digital Libraries and MiT6

It was inspiring, as always, to attend the Media in Transition conference (held April 24-26), or MiT6. Although this will be Henry Jenkins’s last conference as co-host (he’s going to the University of Southern California), he as well as his co-organizers David Thorburn and William Uricchio all assured me that the conference will continue. That’s good news, because MiT6 has become a destination conference for people concerned with the social and political implications of the digital era.Read more...