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Knight Pulse Talks to Jessica Clark on the Future of Public Media

Check out Future of Public Media Director Jessica Clark's interview with Knight Pulse's Kristen Taylor about the Center's latest publication, Public Media 2.0: Dynamic, Engaged Publics. Read more...

AP Partners with Media Non Profits

As noted in our white paper Public Media 2.0: Dynamic Engaged Publics, the rise of web 2.0 interactivity brings dramatic developments to the field of media. If media outlets don't begin to use more participatory models, they run the risk of extinction. The same is true for not only public media but traditional media outlets as well. In order to address the decline in high quality journalism, the Associate Press has partnered with media non profits to extend its breadth of investigative reporting. Read more...

Henry Jenkins Reviews Our White Paper

Check out Henry Jenkin's Confessions of an Aca/Fan two part blog interview with 6 where they discuss our new white paper Public Media 2.0: Dynamic, Engaged Publics.

In the introduction Professor Jenkins calls it an important paper and notes, "The report, Public Media 2.0, embraces the affordances and practices of an era of participatory culture and social networks to identify strategies for public media which emphasize its capacity to attract and mobilize publics Read more...

QUESTION OF THE MONTH: Download from YouTube


Dear CSM:

I work for an educational institution (we receive state funding) and some instructors here want to use Youtube videos for their classes. Some would like to download the Youtube videos, and put them on their websites and or powerpoint presentations.

I know Youtube's terms of service state that you cannot download videos and use them offline (without a direct link to Youtube).Read more...

Sneak Preview of Scott Kirsner's New Book

At our Making Your Media Matter event last month, new documentary guru Scott Kirsner shared insights with us on our panel Outreach and Connection. You can watch the entire conference here.Didn't get enough? Good news. Scott's new book Fans, Friends & Followers comes out next week and we've got a great sneak preview.Read more...