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Fair Use Question of the Month: Advancing Other Journalists' Work

Dear CMSI,

I work for an online agricultural newsletter and we’re doing ongoing analysis and coverage of the aftermath of a tragic natural disaster that recently hit the Midwest. Our expertise is really in agricultural science, and we depend on other sites to do the breaking-news stuff. What we want to do is put that breaking news into context and explain its implications for the farming operations in the region and the national services they link up to. Read more...

Groundbreaking Documentary Releases Mayan Language Version

Granito PhotoImagine empowering a new generation of human rights activists with a language that less than 40% of people speak in your country. “Granito: How to Nail a Dictator” tells the story of that generation in a feature-length documentary film about the thirty year struggle to bring Guatemala's ex-dictator Rios Montt to justice for genocide against the Mayan population.  Read more...

Media That Matters for the Emerging Filmmaker

This year marked the 10th anniversary of the Center’s annual conference, profiled in "The MTM Publication" now available online. As an emerging filmmaker, the conference stood out to me as providing a unique variety of resources for newcomers in the media industry. Topics ranged from understanding film festivals all the way to why social impact media makers should pay attention to games. Read more...

Social-Issue Docs Shine at AFI Docs

At AFI Docs, now in its second year, powerful, well-crafted social issue movies struggled to make connections with audiences committed to their issues.

The festival that grew out of Silverdocs weathered a second year, although still in search of budgetary stability after losing one presenting sponsor (Audi) and picking up another (ATT). Now positioned as a “best of fests” documentary festival, and notably U.S.-centric, it claims to “connect audiences and documentary filmmakers to policy leaders in the seat of our nation's government.” Read more...

From Story to Storyworld: A Conversation with Futurestates’ Karim Ahmad


“I’ve figured it out. I can open the door, but they have to walk through it.”

Thus starts the innovative, interactive experience that is Futurestates.tv, the online platform for the final season of ITVS’s "Futurestates." The cryptic message invites the audience to explore a selection of short films and related videos that offer a glimpse of what technology could become in the future – and what such advancements might mean for us as a society. Read more...