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The Craft of Cinéma Vérité: SXSW and Tribeca

Ne Me Quitte PasWhat’s “real” cinéma vérité? Two recent festival films show us the real thing.

A great work of cinéma vérité makes it easy for you to believe that you’ve been given a window into someone else’s reality, and to be grateful for that opportunity. An experience that seemingly simple takes a lot of craft, as well as a respect for and trust in both subject and audience. Read more...

DOCUMENTED: The Dream and the Reality

Jose attends a Mitt Romney presidential campaign rally in Cedar Rapids, IowaWhen Jose Antonio Vargas’ New York Times article confessing his illegal immigrant status surfaced, it was just the beginning of the journey told in "Documented," which starts its theatrical release May 2.

Vargas intended to launch a campaign on immigrant rights with his own story. He didn’t count on going through his own crisis of identity at the same time. Read more...

Work in Festival Documentaries: Can We Talk About It?

What does it take to showcase workplace issues in a festival documentary? While at the Tribeca Film Festival, which showcases an eclectic variety of documentary styles and subjects and has been heralded as a better spot for docs than fiction, I spent some time trying to figure out how work is represented. Read more...

Interactive Everywhere! Takeaways from Tribeca

TFI InteractiveAt the Tribeca Film Festival’s Storyscapes, Games for Change, and  Tribeca Interactive Day, mediamakers were deluged with insights about interactivity and storytelling.

Panelists echoed each other on key concepts, in what speakers widely agreed was a sometimes-painful but steady transition to distributed, collaborative, and often immersive storytelling. Read more...

Linear Storytelling, CDs and Privacy: RIP? Social Learning Summit Takeaways

At the annual Social Learning Summit at American University, the mesage was this: Storytelling is key, but not your father’s or even older brother’s beginning-middle-and-end kind of storytelling.

Especially the part about the end. As keynoter Joe Gizzi from MXM argued in a presentation about how corporate brands are seducing us these days, stories don’t end any more. "Linear storytelling is officially dead," he pronounced. Read more...