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Fair Use, YouTube and Larry Lessig

Photo by iSummit global icons/FlickrThe future of fair use is threatened by bogus and even sometimes feckless demands for takedowns on digital content platforms like YouTube. Now, the Electronic Frontier Foundation is once again challenging a copyright holder's inappropriate demands, in an incident triggered by copyright lawyer Larry Lessig's work. Techdirt has the storyRead more...

Fair Use Question of the Month: Incidental Audio in Journalism

Photo by ejmc/FlickrDear Center for Social Media,

I'm a radio reporter, and I was interviewing some protesters at a rally where the police had given the occupiers an ultimatum. Behind my interviewee, you can hear some of the protesters are chanting, “All we are saying is give peace a chance.” Actually, it's more like they were singing that line from the John Lennon song. This is pretty much the best interview I've got. Do I have to  use another interview instead? Yoko Ono is known to be really litigious. Read more...

Fair Use in Libraries: The Infographic

The Good NewsLibrarians have put their Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Academic and Research Libraries right to work, making changes ranging from exhibition practices to media collections. Now, they have an easy way to show colleagues why fair use is essential to their mission: an infographic. Read more...

Putting the Set of Principles in Fair Use for Journalism to Work

“Too often, journalists think of copyright as something to fear, and these principles present it instead as opportunities for journalism and reporting,” said Poynter Institute’s Ellyn Angelotti, organizer of the TEDxPoynter event in St. Petersburg, FL on June 7.

“At my newspaper, we’re all tweeting and blogging all the time, and this will really help us,” said Eric Deggans, media critic of the Tampa Bay Times.

Those were two of the many responses journalists had at TEDxPoynter, where I gave the kickoff presentation. Read more...

Can Fair Use Improve Sports Coverage Online?

Tyndall ReportIt seems that broadcast journalists are unnecessarily curtailing their online sports coverage, because of copyright concerns. By using the Set of Principles in Fair Use for Journalism, created by journalists for journalists, they could be making wiser choices.

Andrew Tyndall, the author of The Tyndall Report, which authoritatively and critically covers broadcast network news coverage, has emailed us to share fascinating research results. Read more...