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Future of Public Media

Want to find out what's happening in your town? Turn to public TV!

by Pat Aufderheide

Want to find out what’s happening in your town? Don’t wait for the news on your local network TV station. Public TV is still covering the beat, though. That’s the news from Professors Michael Yan and Philip Napoli at Fordham University, who reported the results of a study of local public affairs coverage in the latest issue of Journal of Communication. Researchers looked at 285 TV stations, and found that public TV aired several hours of local public affairs within a two-week period, compared with commercial TV’s 45 minutes.

Notes from Panel Discussion: Improving Education Through Youth Media

The Center for Social Media, in collaboration with Critical Exposure, the American University Community Service Office and Teach For America co-sponsored a panel discussion focusing on the power of youth media to shape public discourse. The meeting, entitled Improving Education Through Youth Media, took place on December 5, 2006 at American University.Read more...

Vlogs, iPods and Beyond: Public Media's Terrifying Opportunities


Participatory Media Movement Has Deep Roots, by Mimi Pickering, Appalshop

A Presentation Prepared for Making Media Work for Social Change

Nairobi, Kenya – September 11, 2006

Sponsored by the Ford Foundation Office for Eastern Africa

Mimi Pickering/Appalshop, Whitesburg, KY USA


Rosetimes - Online Video Interviews in the Style of Charlie Rose Interviews

This past summer some friends and I came up with a way to conduct video interviews over the Internet with crystal clear audio. We use a camcorder at each site, recording audio locally, and then merge the video files afterwards.

For those who might be interested, an article about "rosetimes" was published earlier this week on the Newsforge web site.

I envision a day when grassroots interviews of community members drowns out the shoutfests on television. Read more...