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Documentaries Telling Truth to Power

Dangerous DocumentariesMany of the issues most important to understand and discuss are also those that powerful people or institutions don’t want made public. How do independent makers of documentaries that tell truth to power cope with this reality? A just-released report by the Center for Media & Social Impact discusses the risks, and how they can be mitigated to encourage more and better expression on the important issues of the day.

The report, built on interviews with 53 people including makers, lawyers, insurers, funders and programmers, was funded by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation. Read more...

Testify: Community Voices on Public TV and Diversity

PubTV ForumAn open forum on the future for independent, diverse voices on public TV packed the theater and featured testimony from dozens of people. The common theme: communities expect public TV to showcase diverse perspectives on important but often overlooked issues in primetime. 

The issue that drew them all to the School of Communication’s theater on a frigid February evening was PBS’ commitment to Independent Lens and POV, two series that feature diverse, independent voices on important but underrepresented public issues. In late December, just before the winter holidays began, WNET announced that it would drop the series from its primetime lineup on its primary station in New York—the largest market in the country. PBS was unsure whether the series would stay in their primetime slot—especially given the pullout by the largest-market station—when the new season is announced in May. Read more...

Field Report: LandofOpportunity Interactive Platform

LandofOpportunityLandofOpportunity the interactive web platform launched in 2014 after several years of development. CMSI has been tracking the evolution and outcomes of this multi-platform project for the duration and we have teamed up to release the LandofOpportunity Field Report.

The Land of Opportunity transmedia documentary project encompasses a feature film and interactive web platform designed to foster dialogue and social impact around community (re)building in the face of crisis/disaster. Read more...

Sundance 2015: The Question of Security

Welcome to LeithMore than a few documentaries that played at this year's Sundance Film Festival were asking questions about security. How safe are black lives in America? What do you do when extremists make physical threats in the place where you live? What happens when cartel violence lands in a sleepy border town? Are college campuses safe for young women? Is our planet in a period of manmade mass exctinction?

Security wasn't just a storytelling subject, it was a major topic of discussion among filmmakers. Read more...

Visual Arts Community to Publish Best Practices in Fair Use

Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for the Visual ArtsAfter two years of research and deliberations, members of the visual arts community—artists, art scholars, museum professionals, and editors—have created a Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for the Visual Arts, to be released on February 9, just in time for the College Art Association annual conference.

An artist wonders if it’s legal to pull a twitter feed into a work of digital art. An art historian wants to write about the color movement, but can’t spend years working with estates to get permission for illustrations. A museum curator would love to create a digital site to showcase a pathbreaking exhibition…but what about copyright? Read more...